Friday, 18 July 2014

Noah's Ark

I've always wanted a miniature Noah's Ark - complete with animals - ever since seeing a prohibitively expensive artisan version in a doll house magazine many years ago. There are a few on the market, eg. Jane Harrop (£10), Town Square Miniatures (£22), Tedshop (£54), etc.

Playmobil boy and girl room with the same farm as the one in the Micro World set.

Then I came across Playmobil Micro World, a range of magnetic playsets with tiny buildings and figures. They do a farm, a harbour, a pirate ship, a knight's castle... and a Noah's Ark. The line is discontinued, but you can pick them up new on Amazon and second hand on Ebay. I bought mine for £3 because it was missing the larger playmobil figure that came with the set - which I didn't want anyway. HERE is a review of some of the other sets in the series.

There are also rhinos, but they're already in the ark - queuing is for animals without horns.

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